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How long have you been dreaming of becoming a freelance writer?

For Career Catalysts

Are you a coding bootcamp, career coach, or upskill educator? I’m the writer for you!

Hi, I'm Rachel!

A freelance writer with 2+ years of experience. I went from part-time freelance writing while working as a barista (making less than $1,000/month from writing) to fully booked with a waitlist for the rest of the year in less than 3 months (making $5k+ per month)!

I love helping people go for their dream careers whether that’s freelancing or breaking into tech. I’m also a big fan of outdoor adventures and taking massive life risks. From thruhiking to vanlife to climbing,  there’s not an outdoor adventure I’ll say no to! 


new freelancers coached​


pages of copy written


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For Freelancers

For Career Catalysts

1:1 Coaching

I coach new freelance writers on getting started and I help writers in their first 2 years of freelancing expand their businesses. Let's get your dream career soaring today!


I write copy for coding bootcamp and upskill educator's websites. I've created course search engines, career paths, course descriptions and more. Let's get your website to higher conversions and better SEO rankings ASAP!

Content Writing

I write content for coding bootcamps, upskill educators, personal development platforms, outdoor adventure blogs, and freelance communities. My bread and butter blogs focus on web development, data science, or personal development.

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